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Summiting Seven Peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains

Different Modes of Exploration #12: Cross-country Hiking Photos Courtesy of Daniel Gray, © All Rights Reserved The guidebook warned of timber rattlesnakes lingering throughout the cienega (a hanging marsh high in the mountains). So as we step off the trail … Continue reading

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Traveling with Others

On several occasions, I’ve heard the phrase “it’s not where we travel to but who we travel with that matters.” After a summer of visiting friends and family throughout the country, this saying has never rung so true. And I … Continue reading

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Though I fortunately have a back log of stories to post, this week’s focus is short and simple. We usually write about the great adventures of travel, the unforeseen challenges, the humorous difficulties, the chance encounters, the romanticized nostalgias.  But … Continue reading

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Market Madness: When a Chicken Grabs You by the Shirt in Oaxaca

Something from the Vault: Volume #5 While living in Oaxaca for four months during the spring of 2008, I focused a good bit of my free time on travel writing.  Reading over the essays from my stay in Oaxaca revealed … Continue reading

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