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Return to Barr Lake

Nature Photo Journal #11 Beneath an expansive big sky view and shimmering light, a small shore line offers adventures in cracking through the freeze, sending little islands of ice sheets and bubbles into the open water, and tracking wandering birds.

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In View of the Continental Divide

Nature Photo Journal # 10 In each collection of photos, I try to capture some of the details I observe and the overall feeling of the day. The motif of austere snow, shadow and plants continues as the gift of … Continue reading

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Experimental Forest – Riverside Trail — Fraser, CO

Nature Photo Journal #9 Part of my intent is to simply document some of the different details on the landscape that I see when slowing down. The snow provides a perfect setting for seeing animal tracks and signs: an elk … Continue reading

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Sunrise at Rocky Mountain Lake Park — Home

Nature Photo Journal #8 The large cottonwood featured in these images is a sentinel looking over our neighborhood park. I am interested in different angles of photographing the great tree as it changes throughout the seasons.

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Grand Valley Winter Adventures — Colorado

Nature Photo Journal #7 Getting to spend a week in the mountains, wandering with the Continental Divide always in view, playing in the snow, and enjoying the details of the season, is certainly a privilege and a welcome reprieve from … Continue reading

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