Bluff Lake — Denver, CO

Nature Photo Journal #6

Sometimes I feel that maybe we are living out the fear of that song, you know, the one about the tree museum … nature and wildness locked up in small urban preserves, tucked against settling ponds, rock quarries, and prisons. But thank goodness these important places exist at all. Where would the urban psyche be without these landscape reprieves? We need much more habitat. And I am also grateful for the open spaces others have worked hard to protect.

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Heading out on adventures, building community, eating delicious cuisines, supporting the local food movement and enjoying walks in the wild . . . grateful to be wandering in the world with you.
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1 Response to Bluff Lake — Denver, CO

  1. earthtrails says:

    Joni Mitchell…paved paradise, put up a parking lot….and I too am grateful for all those folks who had the dedication, foresight, and perseverance to preserve open space/habitat for all of us who followed! Now it’s our turn for the generation to come to preserve more and steward what we have!

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